At Insurance Designer of Kansas City, our in-house underwriting knowledge and expertise is just one of the value-added services offered to our producers and advisors that sets us apart from the competition. The right people are in place to analyze your case to find the best class, the best product and the best carrier for your clients. If you think your tough case has no hope, let our team take over.

Our underwriter with over 20 years of industry experience knows our carriers and where to go with even the most difficult impairments. The relationships with and respect of our carrier's underwriters and medical directors is unmatched and working for you. We can gather the information and search the market to get your clients the most competitive offers available.

Our on staff consulting medical director is a board certified cardiologist, has been chief medical director for one of the top reinsurance companies in the US, and currently is medical director for several direct carriers. This takes our in-house underwriting capabilities to the top level giving you expert consultation abilities on your largest and toughest cases.

By working with the IDA-KC underwriting team, you will have great comfort in knowing that experts have evaluated your case and received the maximum consideration in search of the best possible results.


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  • Quick Quotes have evolved to be as the name implies, a quick quote, often used for rate quoting and initial illustrations. The "I got a guy" information is usually very limited however, an estimate of the underwriting class can be provided. The information is sent to a carrier's Quick Quote team by email. No attachments are allowed. It is a "quick" assessment and usually received back in 24 to 72 hours.

    For a Quick Quote, click here and send a message to Greg with the information you have.

  • An Informal Application, often called a Trial App, is a beneficial way to obtain a tentative underwriting assessment from IDA-KC's underwriter or from a carrier's underwriter. Gathering the medical evidence for assessment of the client's insurability is the place to start the risk assessment process. Our underwriter, and medical director if needed, will review the IDA informal application, order records, make an initial assessment and determine the carrier(s) that would offer the best final underwriting decision. Upon the receipt of the records ordered (or those you have available), the process will take 7-10 days for an initial offer.

    For the IDA-KC Informal Application, click here.