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From our wide range of Annuity products and carriers at Insurance Designers KC, you to find the right annuity for your client's pre-retirement accumulation or retirement income objectives. Whether it be a fixed or indexed annuity, the IDA-KC Annuity specialists will find the most attractive solution for each situation. Often times a combination of annuities and life insurance or a "linked benefit" product is the answer. Our team will seek out the best alternatives available.

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  • This is an insurance policy which in exchange for a sum of money, makes a series of payments. These payments may be either level or increasing periodic payments for a fixed term of years or until the ending of a life or two lives, or even whichever is longer.

    • Fixed Annuity—Earnings accumulate at a rate of interest guaranteed for a specific period of time, depending on the contract's terms. When that period ends, a new rate may take effect—or the old rate may be offered again. The new interest rate never will be less than the guaranteed minimum rate defined in the contract.
    • Indexed Annuity —Earnings accumulate at a rate based on a formula linked in part to a published equity based index, such as the Standard & Poor's 500 Composite Stock Price Index™ (S&P 500).
  • When an annuity owner decides to receive income from an annuity, a number of options are available:

    • Life Income —Income is received as long as the annuity owner lives, even if payments exceed the amount of money put into the annuity. When an annuity owner dies, no further payments are made to anyone.
    • Joint and Survivor Life Income—Income is received for as long as the annuity owner or joint annuitant lives. Life income with refund—Income is received for life and, if the annuity owner dies before receiving the amount of money contributed, the beneficiary collects the portion not yet received.
    • Life Income with Period Certain—Income is received by the annuity owner for as long as he or she lives with the guarantee that, if the annuity owner dies within a certain period—usually 10 or 20 years—after income payments begin, a beneficiary will receive regular payments for the rest of that period.
    • Other Options—Additional options are available without lifetime guarantees. Payments of a certain amount or for a certain period can be made and work well for some situations. These can be made on a single life or joint life basis.


Atlantic Coast Life Minnesota Life Minnesota Life
American Equity American Equity Mutual/United of Omaha Mutual/United of Omaha
American General Life American General Life National Western Life
American National American National North American Company North American Company
Assurity Life Assurity Life One America One America
Athene Annuity Athene Oxford
Columbus Life Phoenix Phoenix Life
Banner Life (Legal and General) Equitrust Principal Principal Life
Fidelity Life Fidelity & Guaranty Protective Life Protective /WCL
Great American Great American Gerber Reliance Standard
Guggenheim Guggenhiem Royal Neighbors
Lafayette Gerber Sagicor
Life of Southwest Life of Southwest Symetra
Lincoln Financial Group Lincoln Financial Group Voya Annuities